laupäev, 24. jaanuar 2015


Rannamõisa puhkeküla is situated near the Peipus lake on the territory of old tavern Tallerhof (means Chevalier's manor) which was built on XVI century. Rannamõisa is opened on summertime for everyone, who wants to enjoy tranquility of Peipus lake´s nature.
Rannamõisa puhkeküla customers are appreciated highly our services, for instance individual approach to each client, open communication, caring attitude and homey delicious breakfast,. Also for the natural and clean environment in the area of the campsite territory, cozy natural wooden interior of the furniture, awareness of different surrounding activities for couples & families and practical sharing of information. Our employees wish all the best to our guests and trying hardly to make everyone satisfied with serving.
We are offering to our guests cozy logging at the restored tavern or at the camping ground and also there is a camp site for travelers from whole ower the world. At Rannamõisa puhkeküla and surround our territory you can enjoy holidays and discover interesting things for you, your friends and family members.